1. Good evening. You have been selected for a quick survey on the West Virginia budget situation. Thank you for your time.

First, are you registered as a Republican or a Democrat?

Press 1 for Republican     35%
Press 2 for Democrat       51%
Press 3 in Independent or something else    14%

2. Do you approve or disapprove of the job the Republicans are doing in the state legislature?

Press 1 if strongly approve            18%       40% approve
Press 2 if somewhat approve        22%
Press 3 if somewhat disapprove   15%       48% disapprove
Press 4 if strongly disapprove       33%
Press 5 if undecided                       12%

3. West Virginia is facing a $270 million dollar shortfall in the state budget.
Currently, there is a proposal that raises the tobacco tax, uses a 15% of the rainy day fund and cuts state agency spending to balance the budget.
Do you favor or oppose this proposal?

Press 1 If you favor this proposal       46%
Press 2 if you oppose this proposal   31%
Press 3 if you are undecided               23%

4. Specifically, do you favor or oppose an increase in the cigarette tax to help balance the state budget?

Press 1 if you favor a cigarette tax increase        69%  (skip to question 6)
Press 2 if you oppose a cigarette tax increase    25%  (go to question 5 )
Press 3 if undecided                                                6%  (go to question 5)

5. If there is no cigarette tax then the budget must be balanced from taking 20% from the rainy day fund, which Governor Tomblin said he would veto. Would you favor or oppose using 20% of the states rainy day fund to avoid any increase in the tobacco tax?

Press 1 if you favor using 20% of rainy day fund to prevent a tobacco tax increase            55%
Press 2 if you oppose using 20% rainy day fund more to prevent a tobacco tax increase   33%
Press 3 if undecided    13%

6.  Lastly, are you male or female?

Press 1 if male     47%
Press 2 if female  53%

West Virginia Statewide Survey
Conducted May 22, 2016
700 Sample MOE 3.7%